Project Details


Project Details

Every project that bears the Toya name, every construction that we handover, every minute detail is poured over endlessly - all with one objective: An enhanced lifestyle. And now, under the brand of Toya Next, we present to you a lifestyle enhanced by pioneering, cutting edge smart home technology.

Toya Next: a lifestyle choice designed to give you peace at mind at home or on your travels. Whilst our innovative smart home technology eases your daily chores, unique interior designs make effective use of every nook and cranny within your home. Designed not only to exceed your expectations, but with the environment in mind, ensuring maximum energy efficiencies.

In short, your home becomes more than four walls Toya Next extends your lifestyle beyond your dreams and imagination...
Toya Next takes your expectations beyond your imagination and offers it to you as standard. Our smart home system gives you traffic reports before you leave your home, to switching your air conditioning on before you arrive home - not only making life easier but saving you time. (gereksiz bir cümle) Expanding beyond home automation, and given equal importance - home security, energy efficient appliances, and a comfortable modern lifestyle via expansive 5 star hotel style complex facilities - Toya Next has gone beyond today's standard expectation of architectural design.
Enter your gorgeous home: From the moment you enter your home - or even whilst in transit on a flight to Istanbul - switch your lights on, cool your home, even fill the bath tub, all at your fingertips. Leave your comfortable home:You've left home in a rush. Left the Iron on! And the Gas! And you've left the water running! A disaster? No problem. No need to go back home. Pick up your smartphone and switch it all off! Cinema treat:Just as you're all set up to watch that latest film, pick up your phone and dim those lights! Peaceful sleep mode:Pre set your home to sleep mode, and then activate it with the touch of a button when you enter your bedroom

The Toya Next Location Difference

Considering we spend a dispropoprtionately large amount of time in traffic, for a better quality of life, the importance of location is greater than ever before. With the Media Highway zone converting to Istanbul's primary commercial district after Levent, your home will be located in the heart of one of the world's busiest business hubs. Sandwiched between Istanbul's major E5 and E6 highways means your connection to Istanbul's major arteries is a short drive away. Ataturk Airport, exhibition centres, major business skyscrapers, six branded five-star hotels, Elite Atakoy Marina, six major shopping malls including the titanic sized Mall of Istanbul, and of coure the third airport (due 2019), all within touching distance of Toya Next. The coup de grâce? Toya Next has its own entrance to the new metro line being built - this links the district to the Elite Atakoy Marina region, and will be a major impetus to profit.

As a life concept, Toya Next makes you feel whether you are at home or away always safe and comfortable

The Toya Next Investment Difference

The Media Highway is Istanbul's most important highway. Providing the largest connection between the E5 and E6 highways, linking most of Istanbul to Ataturk Airport, and from 2019, to the third airport.

Its conversion into Istanbul's second largest business district is firmly underway, and estimated to overtake Levent within ten years. Already home to high scale residential, and commercial complexes, malls and five star hotels, the Media Highway is turning into a socialite paradise.

Instead of merely connecting, Media Highway is now becoming a hot spot, providing an outstanding modern lifestyle

Toya Next will not only provide a comfortable home - but will please your financial advisor too with its expected investment returns.

The Toya Next Architectural Difference

The Toya philosophy is to provide functional living spaces that enhance our lives. By reducing square metre wastage, Toya has always made excellent use of space within your home. At Toya Next, we have innovated and taken this to a level not seen in Istanbul before.

From expanding the space of your living room with foldable walls, space saving sliding doors on cupboards, intelligent design of wardrobe interiors, furniture that can be tucked away at ease, tables which appear as if from nowhere, Toya Next interior design will delight with its practical functionality.