Toya’s Art & Smart concept, takes you beyond day to day living and transforms it fit for the 21st century by combining smart interior design with smart technology.

New interior design techniques have been developed in order to make maximum use of interior spaces, Art & Smart is more than smart home technology – and in actual fact, bringing our living spaces into the 21st century.

Art & Smart goes beyond your four walls, in providing home owners with extra living space as needed – without paying for the extra space. Your kitchen can be hidden away in seconds, your bed can disappear at the snap of your fingers, and your dividing walls open as if by magic to give you extra large open spaces.

With all of these functions, and more, Toya provides its residents with genuine homes that go beyond ordinary “Smart”. Your quality of life is enhanced beyond your apartment.

With advanced technology within our Art & Smart concept, you can truly control your home without being there. Water, and electricity can be switched off, open your door remotely for your guests, access our video cameras all from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. “Have I left the Iron on?” is no longer a question you need to ask. Making your way home on a hot stuffy day? Switch your air conditioning before you get home, and enter an ice cool apartment.

Art & Smart brings enhanced additional living spaces to those who like to enjoy their lives. Your social life is not restricted to your apartment, with almost endless facilities and additional rooms available to your and your guests, as and when needed.

To appreciate all forms of Art, Toya has prepared additional spaces for you and your guest – Music room, Art room, a huge Cinema and Games rooms, an outdoor Cinema, a library, even a large hall for your larger parties and events. Sport facilities are of the highest quality with large fitness areas, games courts, and swimming pools.

Toya has thought of every detail to maximise your life without leaving our complex.

Toya views every project as a piece of art, and applies the latest in technology – Toya combines technology and grace with its Art & Smart concept.