The Toya Next Location Difference

Considering we spend a dispropoprtionately large amount of time in traffic, for a better quality of life, the importance of location is greater than ever before. With the Media Highway zone converting to Istanbul’s primary commercial district after Levent, your home will be located in the heart of one of the world’s busiest business hubs. Sandwiched between Istanbul’s major E5 and E6 highways means your connection to Istanbul’s major arteries is a short drive away. Ataturk Airport, exhibition centres, major business skyscrapers, six branded five-star hotels, Elite Atakoy Marina, six major shopping malls including the titanic sized Mall of Istanbul, and of coure the third airport (due 2019), all within touching distance of Toya Next. The coup de grĂ¢ce? Toya Next has its own entrance to the new metro line being built – this links the district to the Elite Atakoy Marina region, and will be a major impetus to profit.